Permaband.Rocks is now live!

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Greetings capsuleers, music geeks and proud Permaband supporters!

This site is a small tribute to CCP’s in-house band. Please note, Permaband.Rocks is not an official site, but rather a fansite dedicated to our music legends. As a heads up, we have used photos and images of Permaband concerts straight out of the internet. Sorry™! For some of them we could contact the owners and ask for permission to use it on this site. While on others we could not were not able to determine the owners. So, if you spot your photo on here, we would like to ask for your permission to use it. Drop us a line to so we can talk it through! Thanks! Please, dont wreck my dreams now…..

With that out of the way, once more welcome! Our aim is to deliver Permaband news out to you as fast as we can, bringing you photos of live shows, hopefully interviews and much more. So stay tuned, have a look around and be our guest.

What are you waiting for? Just warp to the dancefloor already!


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